Ice Makers

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51040 :Ice maker   P100
Ice maker Model P 100   Product detail Dimension:60x 75 x100 cm. Weight(Kg.):102 Kg. Production:100 Kg./day Size of ice tanks:12 Kg. Electric current:4 Amp E..
95,480.00 บาท
Ex Tax: 95,480.00 บาท
51044 : Ice maker  F201
Ice maker Model F 201 Product detail Dimension:70x 84 x210 cm. Weight(Kg.):150 Kg. Production:200 Kg./day Size of ice tanks:150 Kg. Electric current:9 Amp Electric pow..
140,770.00 บาท
Ex Tax: 140,770.00 บาท
51055 : Ice maker  U452
Ice maker Model P 201 Product detail Dimension:177x 84 x112 cm. Weight(Kg.):337 Kg. Production:450 Kg./day Size of ice tanks:400 Kg. Electric power:16.0 (22..
266,850.00 บาท
Ex Tax: 266,850.00 บาท